How the EU approaches prostitution and X videos

Prostitution by immigrant women in an irregular situation has increased considerably in recent years in Europe, but reaching a consensus on this issue within the European Union seems difficult. Europe is the new promised land. The gateway to easy money, a thousand and one opportunities, prosperity, stability, security and so on… Or at least the eleven million immigrants who every year, from the most diverse (and poor) parts of the world, decide to try their luck in Europe.

But they’re not even official figures. The large number of people in an irregular situation currently residing in the European Union is practically incalculable… but not invisible like We can see people at the traffic lights selling tissues on the outskirts of big shopping malls, showing pirate dvds or cds to any bidder and most worrying, at night in the streets of big cities offering their bodies.

Big Catalan demonstration in Brussels

More than a thousand kilometres, about fifteen hours by road, up to five days if you consider taking part of the journey on foot. This is the terrain that thousands of people have decided to travel to attend the large demonstration called in Brussels to defend the independence cause. But what drives a sovereign to get his blanket or stele upside down in Brussels?

We come to claim the rights of the Catalans in the heart of Europe. And make it clear that we already have the right to make our own decisions.” Jose, who together with Teresa has decided to take a plane to join the more than 45,000 demonstrators who have travelled this Thursday to the outskirts of Brussels’ European quarter.

Is it healthy to watch porn?

The pornography industry is one of the most lucrative in the world and the consumption of such materials is increasing. And just as these numbers are increasing, the controversy surrounding their influence on couple life has become heated.

Several studies and experts have pointed out that porn at sirpornogratis can affect people’s sexual behavior, especially in younger people. However, recent research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that it is not as harmful as it is believed.

How to differentiate between pornography and erotic art

One of the doubts that usually arise around erotic art has to do with the limits that are drawn between this type of artistic proposal and pornography, because according to the position of some people this kind of art can easily pass to obscenity.

Beyond the foregoing, in order to resolve a doubt of this calibre, it is essential that we begin by working on the concepts of eroticism and then on pornography, since without this foundation we run the risk of making errors of interpretation.

Is it legal to pay for sex in Europe?

The perennial debate over whether prostitution should be legalized or not is no longer topical after Ciudadanos’ leader Albert Rivera stated in Spain ina radio interview that he was in favor of decriminalizing this activity. The Popular Party candidate for mayor of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, soon joined this proposal, who also claimed to have been the first to defend this position years ago. However, Aguirre and Rivera have been left alone in their defense of legal and regulated prostitution, as no other party or politician has joined them. On the contrary, the majority, led by the PSOE, has quickly shifted away from the idea They argue that prostitution, as Antonio Miguel Carmona, the socialist candidate for mayor of Madrid, said, is “an exploitation of men towards women”. However, those who defend it claim that regulating the activity puts an end to abuse and guarantees minimum conditions of safety and hygiene impossible to achieve if the activity remains illegal. Collectives for or against this idea often cite the Dutch model equally in this debate. Prostitution has been completely legal there since 2000.

A Dutch saying goes,”God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland”. It refers not only to their ability to gain land from the sea based on embankments, but also to their ability to be pioneers and a world reference in terms of freedoms and rights. Not in vain was it the first country to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption of children in same-sex couples, and it is the only country in the world that allows the sale of marijuana and its derivatives in leisure facilities.

Germany and Merkel in a deep political crisis

Her famous pragmatism this time failed. Angela Merkel, considered the most powerful woman in the world and the guarantor of stability after Donald Trump came to power, faces an uncertain future. Together with his party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Merkel failed in negotiations to form a new government after his weak victory in the September elections. But the chancellor, who has been in power since 2005, is ready to be a candidate again in any anticipated elections. She prefers it to governing in the minority, an option she considers a risk of permanent instability.

“I did my best. And we had come a long way. We were in the home straight”, said the chancellor after the abrupt exit of the talks to form the government of the FDP Liberal Party, which left the country shocked and the political world as after an earthquake. If there are elections,”I will be available again,” said Merkel, who will remain in office until there is a new executive.

Sex in the European Union

It is not new what I am going to say: in the European Union as a whole, as in the individual states themselves, there is a significant inequality between the sexes, as you can read at However, it is also true that these data generally go unnoticed, or they hardly generate a debate in society beyond the very day on which the data are published. It is obviously a complete grief and aberration in the 21st century.

If I were now to ask what your government is doing to end gender inequality, the most likely answer would be the same as if it were asking what the EU is doing to make up for this equality deficit. That is to say, nobody or hardly anyone knows, which is not surprising in the case of the EU, since it is normal for people not to know viejasfollando (and not because there is no information) what the EU does for the citizen.

tratado de lisboa

The EU under the Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty, which entered into force on December 1, 2009, has modified the EU’s structure. It has increased the number of areas where the European Parliament shares decision-making with the Council of the European Union. It has also increased the role of national parliaments, which will have more opportunities to provide a direct input into EU decision-making. This is due to a new early-warning system that will allow national parliaments to comment on draft laws and to check that the so-called subsidiary principle is adhered to. This assures that the EU does not pass legislation on matters that would be better dealt with nationally.

The impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the Council of the European Union will lead to more extensive use of qualified majority voting in areas where unanimity has otherwise been required. Starting in 2014, votes made in the Council will need the support from 55% of the Member States, representing at least 65% of the European population. In order to transition certain policy areas from unanimity to majority voting, every Member State will have to agree. National parliaments have the right to veto this change.