Journalists @ Your Service (J@YS) is a help centre and information hub providing professional advice and assistance to journalists covering Brussels and the EU.

So far so good

J@YS was created 10 years ago coinciding with the launch of the International Press Centre at the Residence Palace, which was the highpoint of the then Belgian EU Presidency.

Some of the objectives we have aimed at included providing a constant stream of advice to journalists in Brussels on professional and daily issues; organising stimulating debates about current issues of concern to journalists; and establishing an information contact point that would put Brussels journalism on the European map.

Ten years on J@YS  has done very well. We have organised plenty of seminars and many briefings for journalists to help them understand the riddle of the Belgian tax system, or how to survive as freelancers, how to make sense of their authors’ rights or how to get to grips with the financial jargon. We have held challenging debates on various topics like the complex Belgian political system; and we have also published a useful booklet with contacts and information for working journalists, which is revised and updated every year.

 services include

* Information for journalists and the press in Brussels and Belgium.
* Regular briefings, debates and events of interest to journalists.
* Updated diary of news events for journalists and media.
* Navigation through sources of information available in the city.
* Access to the work of major national and international political institutions.
* Additional advice on legal, financial, professional and union issues.


Mission Statement

J@YS is a partnership of Belgium-based journalism organisations and the International Press Centre, focused on providing support and assistance to journalism students and professional journalists visiting and working in Brussels, through a helpdesk, seminars, briefings, debates, dedicated website and other services enhancing the cooperation between national and international media.

J@YS est un partenariat entre des associations de journalistes basées à Bruxelles et le Centre de Presse Internationale. Sa mission est d'apporter soutien et assistance aux journalistes professionnels et aux étudiants en journalisme qui visitent ou vivent à Bruxelles, au travers de un service d'assistance séminaires, briefings, débats, un site internet dédié et d'autres services visant à accroître la coopération entre médias nationaux et internationaux.

J@YS is een samenwerkingsverband van in Brussel gevestigde journalistenorganisaties en het Internationaal Perscentrum. Het is gericht op het verlenen van steun en assistentie aan professionele journalisten en aan studenten journalistiek die in Brussel op bezoek zijn of er werken. Dat gebeurt door middel van een helpdesk, seminaries, briefings, debatten, een eigen website en andere diensten die de samenwerking tussen nationale en internationale media verbeteren. 


Where to find us

International Press Centre in the Residence Palace
Rue de la Loi 155, Block C 02, B-1040 Brussels

Tel:+32 (0)2 235 22 52
Mobile: +32 475 244 697
Email: info@brusselsreporter.eu


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